Dogs’ Stories

Where are our service dogs now?

Bud's Story

“Bud has brought joy into our lives. His calmness and overall joyful character makes a very stressful life calmer. He is a loving and beautiful dog who has traits that are better than most humans. He is loyal, always there for you and always there to greet you when you come home from a long day. For my daughter, he is a friend. For someone who is autistic, like my daughter, friends do not come easy, but Bud shows no judgement and always shows his love no matter the situation. Bud is an all round amazing dog and one that we love with all our hearts.”

Keith Pavia, father of Alisha who has been matched with Bud, an Autism Support Service Dog.

Bliss' Story

“Bliss is an AMAZING Dog …. impossible not to fall in love with her. She can talk with her eyes! She is a good companion, smart and caring (she can take all kinds of “small love tortures” from Mili). She can be cheeky and she knows how to “ask” for “forgiveness” if she has been naughty. She needs to feel that she’s loved and especially that she BELONGS. She will look for cuddles … she never gets tired of being spoilt. She loves it when Mili calls her and she enjoys feeling part of the family. During her free time Bliss loves to run and show off how fast she is (she always wins!) We are really blessed to have her.”

Silvina Fonts Vallejo, mother of Milli who has been matched with Bliss, an Autism Support Service Dog.

Hudson's Story

“Hudson never leaves Isaac’s side. He has been a perfect fit for our family.”

Charles, father of Isaac who has been matched with Hudson, an Autism Support Service Dog.

Tim's Story

“Not only does he alert Rube almost daily, he is also a constant companion to him.”

Ritianne, mother of Ruben, who has been matched with Tim, a Diabetic Alert Service Dog.

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Your donation supports our service dogs through two years of intensive training before they can be placed at NO COST with the families who need them.
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