Our Team

Meet the people behind it all

Sara Grech

Founder and Chairperson

The idea came to me when I realised how many people service dogs can help. The foundation works to find, guide and train dogs to be service dogs to the hearing impaired, autistic individuals, people who are wheelchair bound and persons who need alerting for conditions such as diabetes. A service dog can help these people lead an independent life.


Joseph Stafrace

Founder, Vice Chairperson & Operations Manager

Through the Service Dogs Malta Foundation I want to give a better quality of life to people living with a disability.


Rossano Cuschieri

General Secretary

The Service Dogs Malta Foundation is one big family. It helps to give people back their self‐confidence and independence, so that, with their loyal and highly trained service dog at their side, they often forget about the challenges they faced on a daily basis prior to having this wonderful support system at hand.


Caroline Mattocks

Corporate Sponsorships Manager

The Service Dogs Malta Foundation has given me a better understanding of how trained dogs can be instrumental in supporting people and children who may need some extra help. It is an ongoing learning experience and am humbled to form part of the specialised team members and offer support where and when required.


Robert Spiteri

Head Trainer

Years of working with dogs and continuous studies to improve my understanding of dog behaviour, nutrition and training techniques led me to wanting to make this my career. Nothing comes easy but with a little motivation and the thought that this is not just a job but a mission to help others gave me fuel to carry on. This is just the beginning. There is still much to learn and do and many people to support.


Maria Manson Preca

Awareness and Educational Advocate

A devoted mother of two with a child on the autism spectrum. My family and I have experienced the unique and positive impact a service dog can have on families like ours. The unwavering dedication of all the team members at the Service Dogs Malta Foundation in such a helpful cause led me to want to contribute to this aim.

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Our Aim

To help people with a condition or a disability by providing them with a service dog that has been trained to overcome some of the difficulties they face on a day-to-day basis.

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Our Mission

To ensure that no person who could potentially benefit from a service dog is left without one.

Make a difference in someone's life

Your donation supports our service dogs through two years of intensive training before they can be placed at NO COST with the families who need them.
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